EDHE Entrepreneurship Intervarsity

Terms and Conditions


The Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) Programme was established at the end of 2016 from within the University Education Branch of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). EDHE has since been funded through the University Capacity Development Programme (UCDP) of the DHET and is managed through Universities South Africa (USAf). The EDHE Programme is aimed at developing the entrepreneurial capacity of students, academics and support professionals in universities. The intention is for students to be more successful in terms of becoming economically active during and after their tertiary education. Entrepreneurial activity during their studies could enable students to generate an additional income and fast-track the process of participating in the economy.

EDHE is hosting the annual national EDHE Entrepreneurship Intervarsity competition among the 26 South African public universities from February until November 2021 (“the Period”). The purpose of the EDHE Entrepreneurship Intervarsity is to identify the top student entrepreneurs at each of the public universities, recognise and showcase their businesses, and invite investment into this cohort of student businesses. The competition also provides an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the ideation phase to pitch their innovative business ideas. In the process, universities will have the opportunity to demonstrate their entrepreneurial talent and how they support and grow the next generation of business leaders.

By entering the Competition and/or accepting any prize, all contestants and winners agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below (“Rules”).

  1. EDHE is the Promoter of the Competition.
    All contestants must be University students registered at one of the 26 Public Universities in South Africa and currently studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Submissions can be made by individuals or groups. Employees of the Universities are not eligible to enter this competition. In terms of section 36 of the Consumer Protection Act, No. 68 of 2008, as amended, no person who is an employee or agent of, or consultant to a University, or any other person who is directly or indirectly controlled by a University; alternatively, any supplier of goods or services in connection with the competition, would be eligible for a prize.
  2. University employees may not have any ownership in the business or may not have contributed to the business idea.
  3. Any entry which is found to be partially or fully incomplete, non-compliant with the competition criteria, illegible or otherwise substantially deficient or which is submitted after the closing date and time, will be withdrawn from consideration, without notice and at the sole discretion of the Promotor. Entries received at any time outside of the period stipulated herein will be disregarded. USAf will not be liable for any technical failure that may result in an entry not being successfully submitted.
  4. There is no entry fee payable for the competition. No payment to the Promoter or any third party is required for purposes of entering the competition.
  5. Any contestant who willfully and/or negligently misrepresents any information will be immediately disqualified. Any contestant who wins a prize and is thereafter identified as having misrepresented any information will be required to return any prizes so won and may be subjected to the Disciplinary Code for Students of his/her university.
  6. EDHE’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence and/or other form of communication will be entered into by the Promoter in this regard.
  7. The winners of the competition will be notified via email and/or SMS, by the latest 20 August 2021
  8. The contestant confirms that any and all intellectual property which forms part of his/her business and his/her entry, is the property of the entering business and/or its owners and/or directors as the case may be, and that any third-party intellectual property used in his/her business or entry is used with the permission of the owners thereof, and in this regard, he/she indemnify the organisers and the South African Government against any claim from any third party in relation to the unauthorised use of any intellectual property. The contestant confirms that all information provided is true and accurate.
  9. All students that enter this competition must be at least 18 years old.
  10. Only one member of the business must be the representative of the business throughout the competition. the Promoter reserve the right to disqualify contestants from the competition if this condition is not complied with.
  11. Business ideas relating to or existing businesses operating in the tobacco, firearms (excepting sporting use), alcohol, adult (sex) and gambling/wagering industries will not be considered for the competition.
  12. EDHE may require the winner (at no fee payable to such winner) to be identified, photographed, filmed and the foregoing to be used in EDHE advertising campaigns and/or published in any media including but not limited to brochures, marketing material, social media site(s)/platform(s). By entering the competition, the contestant provides consent that the Promoter may use his/her names and images in any and all such EDHE-related publicity material. The contestant understands that he/she may withdraw consent at any time, although it may not be possible to remove images or videos from certain types of publications, for instance, pamphlets or newsletters that have already been distributed. The contestant cannot withdraw consent retroactively. This means that the Promoter is authorised to use the contestant’s image or recording as indicated above until consent is withdrawn.
  13. While the Promoter will use its reasonable efforts to respect and protect any clearly labelled confidential information that is provided by contestants Due to the nature of the competition, EDHE cannot guarantee confidentiality and cannot be held responsible for any confidential information that is submitted. Contestants should exercise their discretion when deciding what information to provide to EDHE.
  14. Any personal data relating to the winners or any other contestants will be used solely in accordance with current data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the contestant’s prior consent. Any personal data relating to the winner(s) or any other contestant(s) will be used solely in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, No. 4 of 2013, as amended. By entering and participating in the competition, the contestant(s) agrees that the Promoter may collect and process his/her personal information for purposes of this competition and for communication or statistical purposes.
  15. EDHE reserves the right to withdraw any submission to the competition at any time if it is found to be in breach of any of the pre-established conditions and/or Rules laid out in this document.
  16. The Promotor reserve the right to change, without prior or any notice other than on the competition website, the dates, entry forms and requirements, adjudication process, criteria, categories and any other competition feature and process, in the interest of fairness, transparency, or where operational circumstances require such change.
  17. The prizes will be paid by way of electronic transmission into a bank account nominated by the winners in writing, within 30 working days of having notified the contestant(s) that he/she has won.
  18. If the Promoter is unable to contact the winner; alternatively, should the winner not provide the Promoter with banking details within 14 (fourteen) days of having been notified thereof, the Promoter reserves the right to withdraw the prize and elect a replacement winner.
  19. The decision of the adjudicators and Promotor with regard to eligibility, scoring and the allocation of Awards shall be final.
  20. The use of or reference to the Promoter by contestants for commercial or promotional purposes is prohibited unless the Promoter has provided prior written consent.
  21. The winning entry will be publicly accessible and will be publicly associated with the winner’s name and with EDHE. The names of the winners will be available on request by contacting edhe@usaf.ac.za.
  22. EDHE will not accept any responsibility for entries not received or delayed for whatever reason.
  23. The competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by South African Law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa.
  24. By participating in this competition contestants are indicating their agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  25. All competition prizes are non-negotiable.
  26. EDHE reserves the right to terminate or postpone the competition with immediate effect; alternatively, to amend the competition and/or the Rules out of convenience or in the event of circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to an act of God, civil or military disturbance, a catastrophe, the Covid-19 pandemic, or any actual or anticipated break of any applicable law or regulation. the Promoter will notify contestants of any changes to the competition and/or the Rules as soon as reasonably possible.
  27. Should the competition be terminated or postpones; alternatively, should the competition and the Rules be amended by EDHE, all contestants hereby waive any rights which they may have against and/or its employees and acknowledge that they will have no resource or claim of any nature against the Promoter and/or its employees. The Period of the competition may also be extended or curtailed at the sole discretion of EDHE.

Conditions relating to business feedback and commentary from Adjudicators


  • I/we understand and agree that the competition and its authorised adjudicators may provide me/us with certain comments and feedback on certain parts of my/our entry and acknowledge and agree that:
  • Such feedback and comments represent the views and opinions of the individual adjudicators, in their personal capacities, and not those of the Promotor or the South African Government or its agents;
  • The feedback and comments are provided in good faith only, and on the basis of the information provided, for the purpose of assisting the contestant to improve, inter alia, their business concept, model, performance, processes and competitiveness;
  • The comments and feedback do not purport to be, and are not offered as, professional financial, legal and technical advice;
  • I/we should not under any circumstances make any decisions, or take any action, whether legal, financial, technical or of any other kind, without full and thorough consideration and without first obtaining appropriate financial, legal, technical and other professional advice.
  • In view of the fact that business models, plans, processes and performance are dynamic and subjective, no correspondence will be entered into with regard to the adjudicators’ comments and the adjudicators will not be identified individually.
  • I warrant that I am authorised to represent the business or entity being entered. I understand, accept and agree to abide by the Rules, terms and conditions of the Intervarsity Entrepreneurship Competition, on behalf of myself and the business I represent.

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