Call for Studentpreneurs

EDHE Lekgotla 2020

We are giving studentpreneurs an opportunity to advertise their businesses at the annual EDHE Lekgotla 2020. Submit your 30 second video here!

We aim to give top entrepreneurial students who do business while also studying the opportunity to showcase their business virtually through a 30 second advert which will be showcased during the lekgotla from 14-18 September 2020. The current pandemic provides opportunities as it calls upon businesses to do things differently. We would like to call on existing and operating student businesses to promote and showcase their products and services and reach audiences across Africa and the rest of the world.

  • Studentpreneurs (student entrepreneurs) from all public South African universities
    and TVETs;
  • A business that is already operating;
  • You must be a registered student with a valid student number;
  • A high-quality video of your advert;
  • Images or illustrations of the product/service must be included;
  • Contact details of your business must be included;
  • Step 1: Complete the application form for Studentpreneurs on the EDHE website and complete the relevant fields.
  • Step 2: Pre-record/design a 30 second video of you advertising the product/service you would like to showcase and copy the link to your video in the required field. You could use we-transfer or YouTube for this.
  • Step 3: Selected studentpreneurs will receive a confirmation e-mail with further instructions.

Submissions close 21 August 2020

Register for free as an attendee!
Attendees are able to network like never before by being able to do such things as:

  • Sending messages to other attendees through the app;
  • Exchanging contact information digitally through the app and in such a way promote your business;
  • Maximize Attendee Virtual Networking Opportunities and Community Building
  • Exciting prizes up for grabs!


For any submission queries, please direct all queries to the following email:

Any submission is subject to the approval of the lekgotla team.

Booking Form for Studentpreneurs

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