Greetings, Champions for Entrepreneurship at Universities!

As you are starting a new academic year at SA universities, the EDHE team takes pleasure in inviting you to the first in a jam-packed calendar of EDHE events and projects aimed at advancing entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity at universities. Through a virtual get-together from the 23rd to the 26th of March 2021, we would like to bring you the latest developments in entrepreneurship in Higher Education, along with a tonic to assist with your self-care, and of course, the significant engagement of the EDHE Communities of Practice (CoPs).

We know that the new academic year brings with it a range of challenges and uncertainties, in the face of which we would like to focus on strengths and resilience, encouraging entrepreneurship against all odds – the EDHE theme of the year. This is the reason we choose to start off with an investment in your personal well-being through expert-led train-the-trainer workshops focused on Strengths #againstallodds.

Event Details

The official opening of the annual EDHE Kick-off event

(Open to all stakeholders who RSVP)

  • Intended audience: All stakeholders who register by [date] or join in from social media
  • Format: Livestreamed via Facebook and YouTube
  • You can expect to:
    • receive feedback on the work of the EDHE CoPs in the past 2 years;
    • learn about the new format at mandate of EDHE CoPs
    • learn about the latest opportunities for university stakeholders in EDHE Phase 2;
    • discover the next steps towards launching the Student Women Economic Empowerment Programme (SWEEP); and
    • join in the excitement as we launch the third annual EDHE Entrepreneurship Intervarsity!

Train-the trainer workshops: Strengths #againstallodds

(Limited to 150 people)

  • Intended audience: University stakeholders with a focus on entrepreneurship development in its many forms, who wish to participate in the new formalised national EDHE CoPs.
  • Format: A closed event for the first 150 registered university delegates
  • You can expect:
    • Expert-led strengths-focused train-the-trainer workshops, based on prior completion of the Top 5 CliftonStrengths Assessment;
    • The Power & Edge online short course;
    • A session on Understanding Team Strengths, in preparation for Day 3’s CoP engagement and subsequent national contributions; and
    • Joining us will be Dr Timothy Hodges, Executive Director of the Clifton Strengths Institute and Assistant Professor of Practice in Management from the University of Nebraska, USA.

National EDHE Community of Practice meetings

  • Intended audience: University leaders, academics, support professionals and practitioners who develop and support entrepreneurship in all its forms
  • Format: A closed event for those who have pre-registered. Attendees are requested to select and participate in only one CoP. Participation in the national EDHE CoPs will henceforth be limited to members only, as with other USAf CoPs.
  • You can expect to participate in only one session, either at the morning session OR the afternoon session:
    • A morning session from 8:30 to 11:30
      • Meeting 1 – Breakaway 1: CoP for Entrepreneurship in Teaching and Learning
      • Meeting 2 – Breakaway 2: CoP for Entrepreneurship Research
      • Meeting 3 – Breakaway 3: CoP for Student Entrepreneurship
    • An afternoon session from 12:30 to 15:30
      • Meeting 4 – Breakaway 1: CoP for Entrepreneurial Universities
      • Meeting 5 – Breakaway 2: Studentpreneur CoP

In addition to the sharing of good practices and lessons learnt, CoPs will reflect on current needs, priority issues and matters to be addressed on a national scale in 2021. Membership and leadership of each CoP will also be formalised.

Contact Details

Zamaswazi Shabangu

Other Enquiries:
Frances Zowa

Student Matters:
Linda Dhladhla