Student Women Economic Empowerment Programme (SWEEP)

The Student Women Economic Empowerment Project (SWEEP) is a project, which serves a special purpose aimed at equipping student women for entrepreneurial activity in the context of gender-based violence and the under-representation of student women in entrepreneurship.

The Student Women Economic Empowerment Programme (SWEEP) is a network that empowers and educates young women in South Africa on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career development. Their mission is to promote economic empowerment for young women and create opportunities for them to achieve their full potential.

The SWEEP Constitution outlines the network’s structure, objectives, and guidelines for operation. NMU (Nelson Mandela University) has taken steps to establish the first Student Chapter and is working towards implementing SWEEP’s initiatives on their campus.

SWEEP has developed a care package and playbook to guide students on how to become financially literate, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and succeed in their careers. The materials are currently being finalised and will be ready for circulation soon.

To protect the brand and ensure consistency, SWEEP has established rules and guidelines for the use of their logos, in collaboration with EDHE (Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education). Additionally, they have outlined the steps and process for establishing a chapter at other universities through the SWEEP Franchise.

Currently, there are existing SWEEP Student Chapters, and joining the network offers several benefits, including access to resources and training, networking opportunities, and the chance to enhance financial literacy and career development. Members are expected to commit to promoting economic empowerment for young women and actively participate in SWEEP’s initiatives.

SWEEP is looking to partner with various organisations and coordinators to promote their mission and expand their network. The information session includes a Q&A segment for participants to ask questions and learn more about SWEEP and its initiatives.

The session concludes with the announcement of the SWEEP Calendar for 2023 and an overview of the EDHE’s student-focused initiatives.

  • To develop an awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity as a means of economic participation amongst university student women and women in business and the workplace;
  • To equip student women with transferable and practical skills and opportunities; and
  • To provide opportunities for the development of expertise and thought leadership in terms of women in entrepreneurship.

Voices Unite compiled a brief research report from an entrepreneurship survey carried out to assist with a starting point for the SWEEP Programme. The full report includes 300 pages of research findings on the views of the youth in South Africa, covering topics such as education, employment, entrepreneurship, and the future world of work.

IOA’s research publication – “ChatGPT in South Africa – Is the AI chatbot changing how we work and play?”


SWEEP Student Chapter Executives Workshop: A vehicle for Social Justice.

We are excited to present a 3 day workshop designed to empower young women in higher education, and to get them to be able to participate in the economy while being part of a #sisterhood.

Taking place from 19 – 21 July 2023 at a venue to be disclosed to those who have registered their student chapters, this workshop will offer a unique opportunity for some of the national SWEEP university chapter executives to be well equipped to effectively establish and run their chapters in alignment with the SWEEP programme goals of economic activation and participation, addressing barriers to entrepreneurship and combating gender based violence.

By imparting essential skills, resources and knowledge, the workshop will empower the chapter leaders to implement SWEEP initiative at their respective universities.

Format of the workshop
As an organisation, we understand that in-person events provide valuable opportunities for networking, learning, and engagement, moreover as this is a training workshop, we have decided to make this workshop an in-person participation.

Previous events:

SWEEP Information Session 2023

  • 26 April 2023

  • 13:00 pm – 15:00pm

  • Virtually on Zoom

The SWEEP Constitution

To the SWEEP Community,

We are pleased to introduce the SWEEP Constitution Draft, a foundational document designed to guide each SWEEP Chapter in creating a constitution tailored to your specific university’s society processes and procedures.

The SWEEP Constitution Draft serves as a flexible framework, offering guidelines and principles that chapters can adapt to their unique needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all document; rather, it is a resource intended to assist you in crafting a constitution that aligns with your university’s culture, regulations, and the specific goals of your SWEEP Chapter.

This draft document outlines the essential elements to consider when creating your chapter’s constitution. It covers areas such as the chapter’s mission, objectives, leadership structure, membership requirements, and decision-making processes. It is our hope that by providing this framework, we can streamline the process of constitution drafting and help you focus on the core mission of empowering female students within your university.

Remember that the SWEEP Constitution Draft is a starting point and a source of inspiration. Feel free to adapt, modify, and expand upon the content to ensure that it best suits your chapter’s unique needs and aspirations. We encourage you to engage with your chapter members, incorporate their ideas, and create a constitution that empowers you to realize your shared vision of promoting women’s economic empowerment.

Thank you for your commitment to the SWEEP program, and we look forward to seeing the incredible impact your unique SWEEP Chapter will make on your campus and in the lives of female students.

Friends of SWEEP


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Dr Christa Bonnet

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The Difference Makers

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Ms Chimene Chetty

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Speaker Presentations

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