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The EDHE Programme is people-focused. It is intended to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of students, academics and leaders. The intention is for students to be more successful in terms of becoming economically active during and after their tertiary education. Entrepreneurial activity during their studies could enable students to generate an additional income and fast-track the process of becoming economically active. Upon graduation, students would be able to consider entrepreneurship as a career, either as a first choice, or as an alternative, especially if they have difficulty in finding employment.

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University Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Baseline Research Study Report

The baseline report provides insight into the extent to which the entrepreneurship ecosystem is enabling South Africa’s 26 public universities. After investigating high-level activities and practices currently underway at these institutions, the report has thematically structured and mapped the existing practices, identified capacity and potential and recommended further action in a range of focus areas.

This study contributes to the aims of the Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) programme, i.e. to support the development of entrepreneurial universities, entrepreneurship in academia and student entrepreneurship. In particular, the study was focused on reading the baseline state of entrepreneurship development at universities and understanding the innovation capacity and potential in the sector, with the aim to guide university entrepreneurship strategies. Findings of this study will also be instrumental in the development of a national policy framework on entrepreneurship development in higher education.

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