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The EDHE Programme is people-focused. It is intended to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of students, academics and leaders. The intention is for students to be more successful in terms of becoming economically active during and after their tertiary education. Entrepreneurial activity during their studies could enable students to generate an additional income and fast-track the process of becoming economically active. Upon graduation, students would be able to consider entrepreneurship as a career, either as a first choice, or as an alternative, especially if they have difficulty in finding employment.

The EDHE Programme is people-focused to EDHE 2024 Theme: Educators for Entrepreneurship

We are back in the full swing of things and would like to introduce the theme for 2024: “Educators4Entrepreneurship”.

Bridging the gap in teaching entrepreneurship, we will be focusing on empowering educators to seamlessly integrate entrepreneurial skills into the core curriculum.

Let’s equip our educators to shape the next generation of innovators and contributors to society!

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