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Background to Student Entrepreneurship Week

National Student Entrepreneurship Week was piloted in 2017 and was successfully executed on in 2018 by the public universities and some TVET colleges. These one-week campaigns took place through the hosting of in-house programmes by the institutions in partnership with business, industry and NPOs. The entrepreneurial and innovative actions of dynamic champions for entrepreneurship at the participating institutions made these campaigns instrumental in raising awareness of entrepreneurship as a career, as well as emphasising the benefits of having the best of both worlds as a student and an entrepreneur.

SEW2020 in a nutshell

Drawing from the accomplishments of #SEW2017, #SEW2018 and 2019 this year’s aim is for all (26) public universities and TVET colleges to participate in the #SEW2020 under the theme #AfroTech. This year’s theme is motivated by the successful virtual EDHE Lekgotla 2020 which was hosted from the 14-18 September 2020

Objectives of #SEW2020

#SEW2017, #SEW2018 and #SEW2019 have raised awareness of the fact that employment is not a student’s only avenue to participate in the economy. This has lead students to come up with innovative and creative ideas to solve many problems in society. The hybrid event this year allows Universities and TVET Colleges to showcase the different entrepreneurial activities happening at their campuses.

This year’s events will be a high-impact event to raise awareness and inspire students towards entrepreneurship.

A high-impact experience to raise awareness of and inspire students towards entrepreneurship.

  • Free
  • Virtual
  • National
  • Accessible
  • Collaborative
  • Multi-institutional

We have to equip all students to participate in the economy.

When and where?

  • 2-4 November 2020
  • Hosted by and streamed from the University of the Free State
  • Accessible live on Whova app
  • Facebook live: @EDHEStudententrepreneurship

How does it work?

  1. Universities will contribute to the content of the total programme.
  2. An engaging programme is curated by EDHE and live-streamed by the EDHE production partner.
  3. Content will be accessible afterwards on YouTube, allowing students to watch at their convenience.
  4. #SEW2020 takes place on the mobile and desktop Whova events app

Why this format?

  • Students benefit greatly from rich and varied content, equally accessible to all.
  • University staff have a smaller task and lighter load at a time when they are under all kinds of pressure.
  • Each university can look good in a 30-minute timeslot.

What do students do?

  • Preselect – Preselect sessions to create a personalised experience that is customised for their personal schedules and circumstances
  • Watch – Watch the live stream on YouTube as well as watch missed sessions on YouTube
  • Engage – Engage further with their own institution or with EDHE on social media

DAy 1 SEW 2020 Highlights

DAy 2 SEW 2020 Highlights

DAy 3 SEW 2020 Highlights

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