At the EDHE Entrepreneurship Intervarsity 2021 last Friday, Dr Norah Clarke, Director: Entrepreneurship at Universities South Africa (USAf), affirmed the leadership of the five communities of practice (CoPs) in Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE), saying they carry most of the work.

She told the audience at the event that the secret of the success behind EDHE lies in the programme’s communities of practice throughout the system. The Intervarsity 2021 finals were hosted at the Premier Hotel in Kempton Park.

“A lot of the co-ordination work is being done by either the Chair or the Deputy,” the EDHE Director said. “But these individuals are not being driven by winning a prize. They are motivated by a genuine passion in entrepreneurship development within their institutions. We wish to see the other members of the CoPs increasing their visibility and growing their leadership prowess by leading some of the task teams work within the CoPs.”