Student Entrepreneurship Week (SEW2018)
Sponsorship opportunity

Prime sponsorship opportunity: EDHE Roadshow
The EDHE Office is organising a national roadshow to complement SEW2018 programmes presented at institutional level. The EDHE Roadshow will consist of a one-day programme that will visit as many universities as possible during August/September. The roadshow is follows an edutainment and multimedia approach to attract large student audiences. The roadshow will include the following:

  • Clearly branded and highly visible gazebos as central information and contact point throughout the day
  • EDHE Roadshow team (sponsor representatives included) with clearly branded and highly visible caps and clothing to engage with students throughout the day
  • Local celebrity or DJ as programme director
  • High-profile entrepreneur as keynote speaker
  • Interactive Q & A with expert panel
  • This is my story: Student entrepreneur as peer role model
  • Introduction to free online portal of opportunities for student entrepreneurs
  • Free participation in online business simulations
  • Pitching sessions with prizes
  • In parallel: Masterclasses on relevant aspects of starting and growing a business
  • In parallel: Local Student Market – for students, by students
  • In parallel: Partner and sponsor kiosks/exhibition

Communication and information platforms

The central information point for SEW2018 and the EDHE Roadshow will be the official EDHE website ( There will be a significant collective social media presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, supported by DHET, USAf, SEDA, university strategic communications entities, partners and sponsors. The hashtag #EDHE2018 will be used throughout. EDHE has gained significant momentum and visibility, as was demonstrated in significant exposure on radio and television during the recent EDHE Lekgotla 2018.

Measurement and Reporting

The target is to reach 2000 students per university (potentially 26) with the EDHE Roadshow alone, which does not include the number of students reached through the SEW2018 campaigns at individual institutions. Upon completion of the EDHE Roadshow, the EDHE office (with the help of participating institutions) would be able to report on the following indicators:

  1. Numbers of students attending specific activities in the EDHE Roadshow
  2. Number of followers on EDHE social media platforms (pre and post SEW2018)
  3. Number of students with existing businesses; and
  4. Number of students considering entrepreneurship as a career.

Sponsorship opportunity

A limited number of key sponsors have the option of utilising the opportunity of the highly visible EDHE Roadshow to gain direct access to universities and their students with an interest in entrepreneurship and business. These students are likely to become the backbone of the future economy – a potentially valuable audience for sponsors from different sectors.

Date & Venue

  • 31 July 2018 – 02 August 2018

  • 09:00 am – 16:00 pm

  • Cricket Club House, Pretoria Campus

  • Faculty of Management Science
    Department of Management and Entrepreneurship


  • Ms Zamaswazi Shabangu
    Administrative Officer

  • 012 030 0675


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