Mr Colin Mkosi, Founder of a delivery company called Cloudy Deliveries asked the audience at the Intervarsity 2023 finals if they had ever wondered how ‘Uncle Cyril’ (President Ramaphosa) ordered his online deliveries.

He then flashed a smiling President onto a screen with this message: Cloudy Deliveries is testament to the power of a good idea.

The 4th year LLB student from the University of the Western Cape, who calls Langa home, explained the rationale behind his company – to employ youngsters from his township, and to make money.

His business idea was chosen as a first runner-up in the Social Impact category, winning him R10 000.

“In 2020, we had a problem: young people had nothing to do, and restaurants could not deliver food to its customers. And so Cloudy Deliveries was born, a Delivery Service like Uber Eats — only running on bicycles.”